Myanmar/Burma Luxury Yacht Charter Myanmar is a unique destination that will enchant you in many ways - a charter to Myanmar offers the unique opportunity to discover the untouched wildlife of this thriving natural paradise. Boasting luscious tropical rainforest, sublime rock faces behind pristine sandy beaches and amazing coral reefs, it is an ideal destination for those searching for an exotic luxury yacht charter.
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Chartering a Luxury Yacht in Myanmar and the Mergui Archipelago

An abundance of natural beauty is concentrated in the Mergui Archipelago. Lying just to the north of the island of Phuket, Thailand, the Mergui Archipelago is host to an abundance of animals, from elephants in the magnificent jungles to whales in the brilliant blue water. The waters of Myanmar offer unparalleled scuba diving opportunities - impressive underwater rock/coral formation and a diverse marine wildlife makes the coral coastline of the Mergui Archipelago not quite like any other!

Myanmar is a destination where culture and traditions are clearly still at the heart of the tribes, embedded into everything they do. If you have the opportunity to visit, make sure you make the most out of your visit by using all of your senses to listen, feel and smell your surroundings and experiences! Visit the sacred Shwedagon Paya, for a religious insight, or cycle along the trails which is one of the best and most exhilarating ways to experience everything. Don't miss Bogyoke Aung San Market, with over 2000 shops you will find it impossible to  leave empty handed!

Such natural wonders intersect with the rich cultural history of Myanmar. Being closed from outside influence for over 50 years until 1997, the culture of Myanmar has been able to blossom into a home for the Moken people, the Sea Gypsies, whose traditional way of life, their fishing and boat building, has created a strong sense of individuality. 

Luxury yacht charters are limited to those yachts who know the area and have pledged to protect the Myanmar environment. However, this only adds to the exclusivity of your yachting vacation. Such isolation provides you with a serene luxury yacht charter experience unspoiled by tourism. A yacht charter around the Mergui Archipelago is truly a luxury afforded to few.

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