Luxury Charter Destination Guide - How to Choose Your Destination Although the two most frequented areas for luxury yacht charter are the Mediterranean and Caribbean Seas (and in fact many top yachts charter in both areas according to the season), luxury yachts of excellent quality can be found the world over, including exotic new destinations such as Thailand, the Seychelles, the Amazon, the Northeast US, and Antarctica.
Luxury Yacht Charter Destinations

Luxury Yacht Charter Destination Guides

The most popular luxury charter regions are outlined below, and you can click to reach more detailed guides within each section. Or just contact us and we will be happy to help you decide which of these amazing areas to charter in this year!


The Mediterranean Sea | The Caribbean Sea | Florida and the Bahamas | The Indian Ocean | Southeast Asia | Tahiti and the South Pacific | Other Destinations

The Mediterranean Sea - Old World Charm and New World Chic

Mediterranean Sea Luxury CharteringThe Mediterranean Sea has become the world's top luxury yacht destination because it offers something for everyone - history, glamour, charm, amazing cuisine, natural beauty, or simple peace and tranquility.

The centers of the Mediterranean Luxury Yachting are the French Riviera and Monaco, where ports including Antibes, Cannes, Cap Ferrat, Villefranche and St Tropez beckon an esteemed charter clientele throughout the summer months. World famous events, such as the Monaco Grand Prix and Cannes Film Festival, provide an irresistible lure to the region.

The Western Mediterranean offers the additional attractions of the Italian Riviera, including Portofino and the Cinque Terre, as well as the island paradises of Corsica and Sardinia. To the west are the enticing charter destinations of Mallorca, Ibiza and Barcelona, Spain.

The Eastern Mediterranean, areas east of the Italian Peninsula include Croatia where you can cruise the beautiful Dalmatian coast, and the Aegean sea destinations of Greece and Turkey.

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The Caribbean Sea - Tropical Islands for Everyone

Caribbean Luxury Yacht CharterThe Caribbean Sea invokes images of gentle breezes, palm trees, sandy white beaches and amazing marine life. Hopping from one impossibly beautiful island to the next, sampling sumptuous cuisine and sipping a piña colada are all must do's in the Caribbean.

World renowned island destinations include St Barthelomy (St Barths/St Barts), the Virgin Islands, St Maarten, Antigua, the Grenadines, and Anguilla. Depending on the length of your charter, you can see numerous islands, enjoy their local cultures and unique geography. Your richly rewarding itinerary can range from visits to the cosmopolitan hot spots to explore the distinctive restaurants, intriguing shops, vibrant nightlife and experience local culture, to "back to nature" where you and your guests can enjoy each other in seclusion surrounded by abundant natural beauty.

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Florida and the Bahamas

Bahamas Luxury Yacht CharterFlorida and the Bahamas are international luxury yacht charter destinations with world-class facilities and attractions. Whatever your passion, the region will not fail to enthrall you. Here you will find a superb sunny climate, waters teeming with marine life, five star resorts, spas and golf courses, designer shops, exceptional and varied cuisine, and we have created yachting itineraries that allow you to sample it all.

In Florida, you can experience and enjoy the cosmopolitan culture and cuisine of Miami, then cruise down through the keys to absorb the charming Caribbean ambiance, take advantage of excellent diving opportunities and the thrill of big game fishing.

The Bahamas offers 500 miles of pristine islands - you might begin in Nassau where you can shop, golf and experience a wide variety of cuisine, and then cruise to your choice of islands that offer tranquility, relaxation, diving, water sports and seclusion.

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The Indian Ocean

The Indian OceanThe gorgeous Indian Ocean offers some of the most dazzling charter destinations on earth. The Seychelles, Madagascar, Maldives, and the west cost of Thailand are renowned for sparkling white sandy beaches, glorious lagoons, secluded coves, breathtaking bays, brilliant turquoise waters teeming with kaleidoscopically colored fish and extraordinary living coral. It is pure paradise for exploration above and below the water line - providing ideal conditions for sailing yacht charters, fishing, scuba diving, pleasure boating and snorkeling.

The Indian Ocean offers unspoiled, eye-catching beauty, which is best appreciated from the comfort of your own crewed luxury superyacht.

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Southeast Asia - Exotic, Exciting Charter

Southeast AsiaSoutheast Asia includes some of the most exotic and mysterious countries and cultures on earth. Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar (Burma) and the Andaman Islands (India) offer amazing charter itineraries through the stunningly beautiful Andaman Sea. When you include the incredible cuisine and friendly people, you have the setting for a unique holday that will provide lifelong memories.

Southeast Asia is rapidly developing into a world hub for Super Yacht charter, with the number of superb luxury yachts, marinas and facilities increasing almost daily.

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South Pacific - Romantic Tahiti, Bora Bora and other Island Paradises

Southeast AsiaIf you're looking for an exotic and romantic holiday far away from all the stresses of the world, nothing beats the South Pacific. The very mention of Tahiti or Bora Bora makes one think of coconut trees, gorgeous jungle covered mountains, and gentle breezes. For a first or second honeymoon, or just a romantic getaway, the South Pacific offers it all.

More and more luxury yachts are now traveling to Tahiti, Tonga, the Cook Islands, Fiji, Samoa and other South Pacific Islands - from luxury catamarans to stunning motor yachts to sleek sailing yachts. Our experts will find you the right one, and the crew will assure your complete relaxation and enjoyment.

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Other Luxury Charter Areas

StunningYachts features many more exotic locations – including Alaska Wildlife Adventures, Patagonia, the Great Barrier Reef, the Galapagos, and Antarctica. We can arrange an itinerary for any of the above destinations and more, on a yacht that is especially selected for your needs. Just contact us and we'll work out all the details!

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