Luxury Yacht Charter Process If you haven’t chartered a luxury super yacht before, the process and jargon may seem a bit intimidating.

At Stunning Yachts, we strive to make the procedure of chartering a superyacht an exciting, interactive and enjoyable process. This page helps explain the easy steps to chartering your ideal luxury yacht.

Bahamas Luxury Yacht Charters

The Process of Chartering a Luxury Yacht

This article explains and demystifies process of chartering a super yacht for your next holiday, vacation or event, so the process is just as enjoyable as the charter itself!

First and foremost, our charter brokers are dedicated to finding you the ultimate yacht to deliver the charter experience you’re looking for. They provide free advice based on years of experience in the industry, hundreds of intimate yacht viewings, and crew interviews. Explain in as much detail as possible what you are looking for and our experts will be able to match your individual needs with the perfect luxury yacht.

Step 1 – Contact Us - Our Experts Are at Your Disposal

To get the process started all you need to do is contact us. You can call or enquire through in two ways. First, you can make an enquiry via our “custom charter” form. Data fields allow you to describe your basic requirements and add as much personal detail as possible. That’s it! Our charter expert in your region will schedule a call to discuss your ideal charter in greater detail.

The second option is to look through the comprehensive selection of yachts on our site, enjoy the pictures, videos and other information, review the specifications and generally get a feel for the yachts that meet your requirements. When you locate your perfect charter yacht, simply fill out the enquiry form at the bottom of the page and let us get to work for you.

Our charter specialists will review the information you submitted about your charter party, destination, and the yacht you have specified.

We will follow up with a brief phone call to discuss the yacht you have selected. Often we can present you with additional yachts that are perfectly suited to your needs in order to provide an array of options for your ideal charter. This is an excellent opportunity for us to further define your requirements and answer any questions you may have.

Step 2 – Yacht Charter Proposal and Confirmation of Availability

Once we fully understand the individual requirements of your charter party, we research availability of all suitable yachts in the region to provide you with a proposal of “stunning yachts” that includes specifications, pricing, availability and descriptive links.

We provide in depth information to insure that you make your decision based on the best possible information. All you need to do now is review the yachts, select your favorites, and envision yourself and your guests on board having the charter experience of a lifetime!

Step 3 – Reserving and Contracting the Yacht

As soon as you contact your personal charter broker by email or telephone with your charter yacht selection, your broker will contact the yacht owner or manager to procure a hold on the vessel. Next your charter broker will confirm the details of the charter and send you a MYBA (the Worldwide Yachting Association) charter agreement. This is the standard contract used by most charter superyachts worldwide that specifies each party’s responsibilities and is carefully constructed to protect the charterer. The clauses of this contract are pre-agreed upon by the yacht owner, expediting the signature process.

Before signing the MYBA charter agreement, it is the responsibility of all concerned parties to carefully read the document, which defines their charter agreement, to avoid any misunderstanding.

An initial deposit equal to 50% of the base charter fee is due at signing. The balance and APA (Advance Provisioning Allowance) are due 30 to 60 days prior to the charter. Please note, if the charter has not been paid in full by the designated date, for whatever reason, boarding the yacht will be prohibited.

The MYBA charter agreement stipulates an APA, normally 30% of the base charter, which is allocated to fund charter expenses including provisions and fuel. The Captain is required to keep an account of all expenses and any unused monies will be refunded to you at the end of the charter.

Step 4 – Preparing your Itinerary and Preference Sheets

Your broker is by now very familiar with your charter goals and can assist you with an exciting customized itinerary that includes places of interest and daily activities. Itineraries can vary dramatically - some guests prefer to stay aboard the yacht and anchor in quiet coves, while others opt for shore excursions to enthusiastically explore local shops, restaurants and clubs.

We recommend being flexible on your itinerary; charters are about relaxation, not about keeping a schedule. Despite a multitude of choices, whatever you and your guests decide, your dedicated crew will accommodate.

We will ask you to complete standard preference sheets so that you and your guests can specify your individual needs and provisioning choices.

Preference sheets allow the crews to accommodate you and your party before you even board the yacht. They will also know if there are members of the group who can’t eat certain foods, require special foods, and what types of food and beverages are best enjoyed.

We strongly suggest that you fill the preference sheet out yourself and refrain from delegating the task to a PA or similar – providing exactly what you desire makes a charter successful.

As an example, a client chartered a sailing yacht embarking from Turkey. He wanted to cruise the magnificent Greek Islands, but failed to stipulate this on the preference sheet, or mention his preferred itinerary to his broker. Unfortunately, the Turkish crew aboard the yacht had not procured the visa required to legally enter Greek waters. With just two weeks prior notice, the crew could all have applied for temporary visas and accommodated his itinerary. Omitting this on the preference sheets unnecessarily added significant stress to all involved, and reduced the success of the charter.

Step 5 – Enjoy Your Charter!

A few notes to help launch a successful charter: less is more! Don’t forget that you’re on a yacht where the primary daily attire will likely be a bathing suit. Pack only the minimum in a soft suitcase or duffel bag that can be folded up and stowed away – space is always at a premium on charters. Upon request, we will arrange transfer for your party from the plane or hotel to the yacht, where the crew will greet you at the appointed time.

When aboard, the crew will hold a safety briefing to orient guests to the vessel. Once underway, the attentive crew will pamper you and your guests to assure that time spent on the yacht is unforgettable. If anything is not to your satisfaction, please let the Captain know immediately. If something really is awry, you can of course call your Broker and s/he will give you advice and contact the Captain for you if necessary.

Tipping – please see the tipping section of our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Step 6 – Give us feedback!

We will contact you directly after the charter for your honest feedback. We enjoy hearing about the spectacular destinations, superb cuisine and fabulous crews that our guests remember so fondly. If anything was not perfect, please tell us so that we can relay this information to the appropriate persons. This will also inform our decision as to whether or not to propose the yacht to future clients. Please send us your favorite photos and allow us to put your anonymous comments on the website so that others can share in the same amazing experience you had!

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